Modern Concepts in Control Systems
  • Embedded Systems in IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Cyberphysical Systems
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Agent-based systems, Collaborative Systems
  • Biologically Inspired Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation
Reliability, Safety and Security of Elements, Circuits and Systems
  • Embedded Systems Security
  • Compression, Error Correction Codes and Cryptography
  • Remote Testing of Systems
  • High Reliable Systems
  • Fault Tolerant Circuits and Systems
  • Behavioral Failure Modeling
  • Quality of Communication Services
  • Built-In Test Circuits and Architectures
  • Analogue and Mixed-Signal Circuits Design and Test
Communication Systems
  • Industrial Wireless and Wired Standards
  • Wireless Embedded Devices in Control Systems
  • Personal Digital Accessories in Context of Control Systems
  • Sensor networks
  • Smart grids and Electric Vehicles
  • Wireless Communications (Software-Defined Radio (SDR), Channel Estimation and Equalization, Betwork of the Fifth Generation (5G), Internet of things (IoT), etc.)
  • Optical Wireless Communication (Visible Light Communications (VLC), Car 2 Car, etc.)
Signal Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • A/D and D/A Converters
  • Neural Signal Processing
  • Wavelets
  • Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
  • Digital Processing of Speech Signals (Noise Reduction of Speech)
  • Biological Signal Processing (ECG, PCG, and BCG Signal Processing, Fetal ECG Signal Processing, etc.)
  • Adaptive Filtering (Adaptive Filter Design and Implementation)
  • Soft Computing - Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Fuzzy Systems (Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS), Adaptive Linear Neuron (ADALINE), etc.,)
  • Non-Adaptive Methods (Wavlet Based Techniques, Blind Source Separation (BSS), Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Principle Comoponent Anylysis (PCA), Singular Value Decoposition (SVD), etc.,)
  • Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing
  • Sensor Array and Multichannel Processing
  • Nonlinear Signal Processing
Control Theory
  • Advanced Algorithms for Linear and Non-linear Control Design
  • Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Identification of Processes
  • Industrial Automation, Applications and Case Studies
  • Model-based Design, Real-Time Control, Modeling and Verification Techniques (HIL, PIL), Visualization Systems
  • Adaptive Systems
  • Networked Control Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence in Control Systems
  • RT control
  • Safety and Fault-Tolerant system
Field Programmable Logic and High End Design Means
  • New Programmable Logic Devices and Supporting Tools
  • Digital Circuit Design using Programmable Devices, High Level Synthesis and Partitioning
  • Emulation of Digital Circuits using Programmable Devices
  • Reconfigurable Architectures
  • Verification of Digital Logic Systems
Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • Multiprocessor Systems
  • Design Tools and Application Software
  • Microprocessor Based Control Systems
  • Emulators and Simulators
  • Embedded Systems
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design
  • Embedded Operating Systems
  • Standards, Safety and Security
Industrial Programmable Controllers, Industrial PC's and PLC's
  • High effective CPU structures
  • Special Purpose Modules
  • Sensors and Measurements Converters
  • Control Program Representation Methods
  • HMI/SCADA Systems
  • Human Computer Interaction
Renewable Energy Systems
  • Smart grids and energy management policies
  • On- and offshore renewable energy systems
  • Smart homes
  • Green buildings
  • Architectures & topologies for energy storage
Biomedical systems
  • Biosensors and Data Acquisition
  • Sensors of Biological Signals
  • Clinical Applications and Research
  • Medical Informatics
  • Supporting Technologies for Health Handicapped
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical Imaging and Image Analysis
  • Biosignal Processing
  • Biomedical Instrumentation, Modeling and Simulation
  • Measurement and Control in Biomedicin
Industrial applications
  • Innovative Industrial Applications
  • Industrial Nets
Control Education
  • Applications in Control Education
  • Low-cost Educational Resources
  • Control Demonstrations